CoQ10 M.R.B.

An antioxidant that supports cardiovascular health.

  • Description

    CoQ10 M.R.B. features coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) ubiquinone, a nutrient that plays a valuable role in supporting cardiovascular health. Normally, CoQ10 is a fat soluble vitamin that requires specific enzymes to help break it down and be utilized by the body. Innovite adopts a proprietary process that makes its CoQ10 water soluble, therefore increasing its maximum relative bioavailability.

    CoQ10 M.R.B. is 3 times more absorbable than standard CoQ10. It’s suitable for everyone wanting to reduce oxidative stress, increase energy and support cardiovascular function. It’s especially great for those concerned with weak digestion, low stomach acid or low bile levels and still want the benefits of this important antioxidant.

    Key Benefits:
    • Clinically studied in humans demonstrate efficacy
    • 3X the absorption when compared with standard CoQ10 supplements
    • Unique water soluble form of CoQ10

    Free from gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, nuts, peanuts, artificial colours and flavours. GMO-Free.

    30 and 60 softgels and 170ml available in 100mg

    This year, heart disease will affect more women in Canada than any other disease.  Cardiovascular afflictions can include atherosclerosis, hypertension, stroke and heart attack.

    Water Soluble COQ10

    Ubiquinone vs. Ubiquinol.
    Normally only fat soluble, Innovite adopts a specialized process that makes its CoQ10 soluble in water. CoQ10 M.R.B. utilizes Biosolv Q-Gel technology, a bioavailability-enhanced CoQ10 that in-vitro studies confirm to have 300% better absorption compared to standard CoQ10, and cell culture studies confirm enhanced intestinal permeability.

    Why CoQ10 ubiquinone?
    CoQ10 is responsible for fueling our mitochondria, the energy powerhouses of our cells that are responsible for the production of energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP serves as the cell’s major energy source and drives a number of biological processes, including muscle contraction and the production of protein. CoQ10 is involved in making this important molecule. There are two types of CoQ10 that exist naturally in our body; ubiquinone and ubiquinol. Both can be found in supplement form. Though both forms of CoQ10 are beneficial, there are key elements to consider when choosing a form to supplement with.

    CoQ10 M.R.B. ubiquinone is most ideal for younger age groups, active individuals or those concerned with weak or impaired digestion. For example, for those with trouble digesting fat, or has had their gallbladder removed, this would be the ideal form of CoQ10 for them.

    Shown effectiveness in the treatment of:
    • Angina (heart pain)
    • Mitral valve prolapse
    • Vascular integrity (arterial muscle tone) • Arrhythmia

    CoQ10 M.R.B. Drops are enhanced to provide the best absorption for CoQ10 ubiquinone. A liposomal form that utilizes LiQSorb®, a bioavailability-enhanced CoQ10 that in-vitro studies confirm better absorption. This specialized form of CoQ10 has been used in cardiovascular care units of Canadian hospitals, including the leading Ontario children’s hospital to treat mitochondrial cytopathies.

  • Formula

    CoQ10 M.R.B. 100 mg
    Medicinal Ingredients:

    Each softgel contains

    Ingredient Amount
    Hydrosoluble™ Coenzyme Q-10 (ubiquinone) 100 mg

    For all potencies and sizes:
    Non-medicinal Ingredients: Polysorbate-80, medium chain triglycerides, gelatin, glycerin, sorbitol, purified water, hydroxylated lecithin, annatto, sunflower oil, vitamin E.

  • Directions

    Directions for Use: Take 1 softgel up to 3 times daily, or as directed by a healthcare provider.

    Warnings: Consult a healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you are taking blood pressure medications or blood thinners. Do not use if seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place
    to preserve freshness.

    Cautions: Do not use if the seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place to preserve freshness.

  • More Details

    Available Sizes

    100mg - 60 Softgels

Flowing well, even under pressure.

Each minute, your heart pumps approximately 5.6 litres of blood flow through 96,560 km of blood vessels. That’s a longer distance than circling around planet earth twice, almost 11 times higher than the highest peak in the world, and well over 12 times the distance across the longest highway in Canada. Holy heart! Talk about a lot of pressure for an organ that’s only the size of your fist. Innovites’ cardiovascular formulas were designed to keep your circulatory system – circulating well, keep energy levels up, and for overall good maintenance of your heart’s health.

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HH = Healthy Heart
HC = Healthy Cholesterol
LBP = Blood Pressure
Ai = Anti-inflammatory
En = Energy
Healthy Heart
Healthy Cholesterol
Blood Pressure
CoQ10 M.R.B. Yes Yes   Yes Yes
CoQ10 M.R.B. Drops Yes        
INNO-Q-NOL® (CoQ10 Ubiquinol) Yes Yes   Yes Yes
Krill Oil Omega-3 Yes Yes   Yes Yes
Magnesium Citrate Yes   Yes   Yes
Nattokinase Yes        
Red Yeast Rice Yes Yes