Our Story

Not all stories are love stories. But this one is. A story of passion, risk, hardship, and determination. Like any good love story, there are bound to be bumps along the way. And, the bumps in this story begin in Romania. Yes, Romania. It was the 70’s. Cornelius Pasare, a young headstrong man with a mind full of ideas and the will to see them through, secretly defected communist Romania in search of freedom for himself and his wife. Solely, he set out on a journey unknown. His wife Donna, unable to leave with him, waited hopefully while under-watch by her country. During their time apart, they experienced setbacks and despair. With little to no communication between them, it was incessantly difficult to believe in the future together. It really was trying times. Their fate and love for one another was tested. But, they were determined – persistent and smart, and after 3 daunting years, they finally reconnected. Proving, if not to anyone else but themselves, that taking chances on something you believe in, is worth it and that love really is something worth sacrificing. Celebrating our roots after 35 years It was the 1980’s. The couple was new to Canada and Canada was new to the employment downturn. Canadians who made it through the recession clung to their jobs. But Cornelius Pasare (an engineer), who had been working for a waste management firm in Toronto and his wife Donna (an architect), was troubled by the lack of science-based natural health options. Frustrated by limited traditional natural medicines and organic foods that had been available in their native country, they decided to bravely leave their jobs and dedicate their lives to a cause they knew they loved as much as each other. The rest is, as they say – history.

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that Innovite headquarters is located on and benefits from unceded Indigenous lands. Our offices are situated on the traditional territory of many nations, including the Haudenosaunee, the Anishinabek, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, the Mississauga Nation, and the Huron-Wendat tribes, covered by Treaty 13 and Williams Treaties. We recognize that land acknowledgment is only a small act of reconciliation towards Indigenous communities, and that we have a responsibility to continue our education around decolonization.

The Beginning

Meet Donna & Cornelius Pasare

Innovite, born in the recession

In 1983 the Pasare's discovered a near-by health food store. They knew right then and there - that they had found their people. An industry that would resolve their own concerns, and help other people (new fellow Canadians) find better living.
Formula 1

Humble beginnings

This multivitamin was the first of its kind to hit health food store shelves. A highly effective formula made it easily well received amongst the health food community. Despite a limited budget, Innovite gained a strong grassroots following.
DDS Probiotics

Grassroots following

Cornelius had survived the recession. He was no stranger to hard work or working hard. Thanks to his desire and will to bring unique formulations and education to the Canadian health food store community - Innovite continued to gain popularity.
The Business Journal

Celebrating 10 years of growth

Cornelius and Donna and their desire to bring innovative products to an emerging industry, is recognized on the cover of Canadian Health & Nutrition Business Journal.
Formula H.H. Plus

Heart focused

Formula H.H. Plus was the first of many cardiovascular focused formulas Innovite brought to Canada. A therapeutic multi-vitamin, with minerals and lipotrophic factors designed to help reduce arterial plaque.
CoQ10 M.R.B.

First in Canada

Innovite adopts a proprietary process that makes its CoQ10 soluble in water. CoQ10 M.R.B. is 3 times more absorbable than standard CoQ10.
Yeast Busters to the Rescue

The first of its kind

A customized candida recovery program offers a solution for those looking to overcome candida. Still available and desired today because of its effectiveness.
Inno-Q-nol is Born

Revolutionary formula

Innovite launches the most bioactive form of Coenzyme Q10. It becomes widely recommended and used in cardiac health units in Canadian hospitals.
Keeping it Canadian

For the love of natural health

Donna and Cornelius Pasare, now happily retired, find joy knowing Innovite is now at home with a Canadian supplement company. A company aligned with keeping Innovite’s legacy, of making natural health available to Canadians (and keeping the love story of how it all began), very much alive.